One decision.

Just jump.

Take the leap.

Failure is a step forward.

Just do it.

‘Someday’ is today.

The easy option is to keep waiting until you are 'ready.' But, it's going to get to a point where you realize that 'someday' is today.

Brendon Burchard

"No matter your position, circumstances, or opportunities in life, you always have the freedom of mind to choose how you experience, interpret, and, ultimately, shape your world." Brendon Burchard    

Carpe Diem

All we have is now.

So it flies.

When you examine a butterfly according to the laws of aerodynamics, it shouldn't be able to fly. But the butterfly doesn't know that, so it flies.

Comfort zone.

Ditch your comfort zone.


Just do it.

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

Make it happen.

I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel & lit that bitch myself.

Start now.

Many imagine, few execute.

It’s not too late.

You are not too old. And it's not too late.

Reach for the stars.

Have goals so big you get uncomfortable telling small minded people.

Choose wisely.

Every morning, you have two choices: Continue to sleep with your dreams or get up and chase them.


Excuses are for people that don't want it bad enough.

Keep hustlin’

voice in your head.

Arthur Ashe

Anything’s possible.


Yes, you.

The future.

Wish. Dream. Do.

What you might have been.

The only thing.

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Go for it.

Word from the wise.